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Technology Upgrade

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Technology is always a double-edged sword. New technology brings with it a lot of benefits, such as updated security protocols and increased efficiency. But if the old stuff is still working, why replace it? Coupled with the cost and time sink required for new tech, it’s no wonder why manufacturers continue to rely on older technology.

However, staking your business on old reliable is a huge risk. Not only is outdated technology harder to replace as once plentiful parts become obsolete and scarce, but older technology is often a security risk, rife with unpatched vulnerabilities waiting to be exploited.

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The Dangers and Challenges of Upgrading Old Technology

Upgrade Old Technology

Many manufacturers cite the dangers and challenges listed below as obstacles keeping them from upgrading their aging technology. The experts at On Technology Partners actively account for these scenarios to mitigate the risks our clients face.


  • Production Delays
  • Lost Revenue
  • Major Cost of Emergency Replacement


  • Cost to Upgrade or Replace
  • Lost Production During Upgrade
  • Time to Train on New Solutions
  • Resistance to Change in an Organization

The On Technology Partners Approach

To assist companies that are facing the challenge of replacing older technology—and to dispel the dangers typically associated with technology upgrades—we work with our clients to build a plan of attack. This plan consists of the following steps:

Technology Upgrade
  1. Identify older technology
  2. Review with key stakeholders the current options for technology upgrades or replacements
  3. Setup a replacement plan and timeline that fit the client’s pace
  4. Evaluate cost alternatives and best practice options that fit the clients’ budget and needs
  5. Work with your team on implementation
  6. Design an upgrade plan to protect against future technology obsolescence

This proven approach helps manufacturers move toward updated technology while respecting the cost and time involved to upgrade and mitigating lost production concerns.

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