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Manufacturing Plant Dodges a Shut-Down by Ransomware

Bob was finishing up for the day and quickly checked his emails for any last-minute needs. He opened his last email and saw a link to view some documents from a manufacturing client. Bob quickly clicked the link and noticed that something wasn’t right... Continue reading...


Fake Support Call Nearly Devastates Small Business

While engaged in normal Internet browsing for a client job, Jackie wound up at an unsecure site. This set off a series of steps that led Jackie to allowing a hacker to gain access her computer. A message popped up that she needed to call Microsoft now to fix her account or she would lose all of her information. Then a loud siren went off... Continue reading...


Nonprofit Nearly Loses Entire Funding for the Year 

The Funding Team was in their last week of preparation to submit a grant for their funding when an unexpected error occurred on the server that held the grant information. The server stopped working and became unrecoverable. Were they going to miss their deadline - and if so, have no funding for the next year? That would destroy them... Continue reading...

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