"This is your superintendant. School has been cancelled due to a severe... computer virus?"


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Coventry Schools were shut down recently by a virus attack known as a "trickbot". Can you risk having your district shut down?

The trickbot that shut down Coventry schools exploited a weakness in Windows called EternalBlue, which allows attackers to spread the virus throughout your network after gaining entry.  Not only were computers and servers impacted, but systems that rely on the primary network went down, including security cameras and HVAC systems.

Keeping all your computers properly patched is the best defense to secure your network from trickbot attacks, as well as thousands of other types of viruses that can cripple your school’s critical systems.

Check out Ken Fangar of On Technology Partners on Cleveland's WKYC, called in as an expert to discuss the incident at Coventry Schools:


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