RELAX: A Guide to True Cyber Security



NEW from acclaimed author and cyber expert, Ken Fanger!

Cyber security explained in a way that anyone can understand!

If you’re a small business, cyber security can be terrifying—but it may just be the perfect time to RELAX. This is the message from Ken Fanger, a veteran of cyber protection for the last 30 years, and President of On Technology Partners.

Ken takes often-confusing cyber security topics, like multi-factor authentication. patches, backups, ransomware, compliance issues - and more, and distills them down to the basics in easy-to-understand language that makes sense.

Ken’s engaging approach combines fun, real-world experiences with practical tips that you can implement today to help you RELAX and address your cyber security needs.

With 30 years of industry experience, Ken is a sought after speaker and cyber security expert, working with everyone from janitors to CEOs at businesses of all sizes, from mom-and-pop shops to Fortune 500 companies, as well as all levels of government.

Don't just  take our word for it:

“…cyber security in layman’s terms… a surprisingly captivating read on the subject!”

- Dustin Carnish, RiPT Fitness

"...easily digestible, practical and useful... as a reporter, I appreciate the familiar writing style Fanger uses in breaking down information in an area where he is, frankly, brilliant, so we don't have to be."

- Dawn Kendrick, The Good Stuff Family

"Ken makes things very understandable and I love that he explains things with real stories. Many thanks for the extra care he gives."

- Nicole Brewer, Nicole E. Brewer & Crew

"Good explanation of concepts... easiest book to read about this topic."

- Jill Cavano, Scranton Associates

Imagine a place where cyber security actually makes sense, is fun, and informative… this is the world of RELAX: A Guide to True Cyber Security.

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