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Our Easy 4 Step Plan 
  • Order the required number of licenses
  • Fill out the Account Setup Form online.
  • Receive a setup call with our trained experienced Backup Engineer
  • Have your data secured seamlessly in the background

OTP Office Backup has one of the fastest search capabilities, enabling instant full text search in emails, documents and attachments and rich search filtering to ensure data accessibility.

With OTP Office Backup, we can easily locate data in Office 365 documents and Exchange Online across historical snapshots and version history. Data can be viewed in the browser without downloading or restoring first.

Specific and Mass Non-Destructive Restore options help to restore data into Office 365 applications at both a granular and user/cross user level. Select the items/mailboxes to recover from the search results to perform a single-click restore instantaneously. Admins can also get visibility at a glance with detailed dashboards, reports, and monitoring.

“My important quoting Excel spreadsheet got corrupted…but On Technology Partners was able to restore the file directly back into my SharePoint library.  Saved me a bunch of time and important information!  Thanks!” Austin from Tucker Landscaping, Inc.

OTP Office Backup safeguards your data and streamlines operations with automated backup to redundant storage, which is protected with multi-layer military-grade encryption.


  • Exchange Online backup: Unlimited Storage and Unlimited Retention of Exchange Mail, Contacts and Calendars. This includes individual and shared mailboxes
  • OneDrive backup: Unlimited Storage and Unlimited Retention of all users OneDrive data
  • SharePoint backup - Unlimited Storage and Unlimited Retention of SharePoint sites selected for backup
  • Teams backup – Data living in SharePoint and OneDrive are backed up. This includes Microsoft Teams files in group and individual chats.

Key Benefits

  • Easily backs up or restore all Office 365 data
  • Protects against data threats, including errors and intrusions

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