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Active Threat Preparation

Get Home Safe

It seems like every time you turn on the news, there are more and more reports of mass shootings, attacks, or other threats, often times in schools, places of woorship, government offices, etc.

While we hope no one ever finds themselves in active threat situations like these, if you do, we want you to be prepared. On Technology Partners' Get Home Safe project, powered by LifeSpot, helps solve critical active threat challenges with a life-saving app.

Imagine using an app to help decrease emergency response times, provide the approximate threat location to all users of the app, share locations of injured victims to emergency responders with the press of a button, and even account for yourself and others within the app, following the threat.

CONTACT US TODAY to learn more about this empowering and life-saving app and how you can use it at your school, place of worship, business, or institution/organization to help you and others Get Home Safe.

Call 216-920-3100, or email for more details and information.

Active Threat Preparation Training

Right now, the public is facing a range of threats and dangers. Our Active Threat Preparation uses expertise from Homeland Security to provide a straightforward and simple series of videos and activities that will help ensure that your employees and your organization are prepared in advance of a crisis.


No cost

Our videos are free because it's important to us that    everyone is prepared and protected. This free-flow of  information is the only way we can work to keep the public safe and secure.


Be Prepared

“Where do I start?” Don’t worry - we've got you. Our preparation videos will walk you through how to prepare for an Active Threat so you and your employees will be ready. You'll feel confident that you can put the right plan together for your organization.


Learn From Experts

We made sure you're getting the best information that’s out there. Our videos are based on the DHS (Department of Homeland Security) Active Shooter Emergency Action Plan trailer and video. This means that you're getting the same information that the experts from DHS use.

If you're interested in learning more about our Active Threat preparation videos, please complete and submit the form below for more details!