Take Back Your Voice with Pat Schultz, MBA

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Ever feel like you are just shouting into the wind?  

The men in the room just don’t hear you.  

We have all been there. A woman shares a good idea or makes a valid point and it seems to go right past the men. Yet moments later, a man shares that same idea and it is the greatest thing ever said.  

We all should be heard.  In male-dominated industries, it can feel challenging to stand out if you are a woman. It is time to stand up and be taken seriously. It is time to have your unique voice heard.  

On Technology Partners is proud to present Pat Schultz’s TAKE BACK YOUR VOICE. Her immersive program will teach you how to stand up and be heard. You will get your voice back and be taken seriously in male-dominated world.  

Are you READY to be heard?  

This unique intensive program will teach you how to: 

  • Speak so that men will listen 
  • Create a memorable message 
  • Empower yourself with strategies used by TEDx speakers 
  • Enhance your leadership and executive presence
  • Increase your confidence and credibility 
  • Advocate for yourself and other women  
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February 13th8:30 AM to 4:30 PM  

On Technology Partners
7100 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio, 44103


If this session is fullgo to our Contact Us page and let us know. We are scheduling additional sessions.  


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8:30 – 9:00AM 

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2:30- 2:45PM


4:00- 4:30PM



Individual 2 Minute Introductions Video Taped; Overcoming the Fear of Speaking; Leadership & Communication Styles; Flexing Your Style to Influence  


Mastering Your Success Set Point; Executive Presence; Compelling Communication; Psychology of Connection;  Using All Four Parts of the Voice 


Storytelling Secrets; Crafting a Presentation; Importance of the Antagonist and the Hero; Create Your 3 Minute Presentation  


Individual 3 Minute Presentations Video Taped; How to Advocate for Yourself & Other Women; Wing Woman Movement

Debrief and Implementation of Next Steps


Pat Schultz, MBA is the leading authority in emotional intelligence, holistic leadership and team development. She brings a unique blend of business acumen (MBA graduate) and 20 years of training facilitation in offering cutting edge professional development that delivers short term takeaways with an action plan for the future.  

Pat is certified as a transformational speaking coach through her mentor, Erin Loman Jeck, a TEDx speaking coach and CEO of the Transformational Speakers Agency.  She has been trained and mentored by Bob Proctor (leading success coach in the world) as a certified facilitator through the Proctor Gallagher Institute. She brings a plethora of knowledge, experience and insight to the world of training and development along with human potential.