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Women STaRs

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Women are the Glue that Hold Society Together - Join Us for Their Stories

Family members, neighbors, teachers, mentors... all have helped to shape the strong, independent women we see today... but that doesn't mean that life hasn't come with its own set of struggles, pitfalls, and setbacks. In fact, those are what make us stronger so that we can overcome the next hurdle!

In an effort to share in that solidarity, we created the Women STaRs Podcast, where we interview strong, determined women about their Struggles, Triumphs, and Reflections on life and career. Interviews are full of inspiration, encouragement, helpful tips, and precious moments of "that's just what I needed to hear."

Latest Episode

On this week’s episode of The Women STaRs Podcast, we’re sitting down with Kionna Mcintosh-Pharms, Student Services Navigator at Lorain County Community College. In addition to over 25 years of experience in both corporate America and non-profit organizations, Kionna’s current work exemplifies how she enjoys impacting and elevating the lives of our youth. Kionna is an amazing woman who is actively involved in her community and values helping others. She is the President of Celebrate Your Worth, an organization with a focus on uplifting women. As someone who exudes positivity and dedication, Kionna also has a goal of obtaining her Master of Business Administration (MBA).

Our conversation with Kionna is filled with stunning advice and Kionna’s compelling perspective on uplifting children as our future. To Kionna, success in her life has a lot to do with the way she impacts not only her own children, but those she encounters in her profession and her community work as well. Beyond this important influence on her life, Kionna also emphasizes the importance of believing in your worth and living your life authentically. Tune in to this episode for more inspirational stories and to soak in the positivity and good energy that Kionna exudes.

If you’d like to get in contact with Kionna, she can be found as SereniKi on Youtube or Kionna Sohappytobe Pharms on Facebook. She can also be found as Kionna McIntosh-Pharms at Lorain County Community College’s website,

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