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About WikiLocks

Cyberattacks are an increasingly sophisticated and persistent threat to every individual, business, and organization. The typical industry response is to lock the data down with more restrictive governance policies and security controls. However, when information assets are restricted, the effectiveness and efficiency of a business is significantly impacted. Information is the life blood of an organization, and it needs to flow to customers, employees, and business partners. This challenging misalignment of security to business process leaves us with either too much or too little security. The industry lacks a solution that truly addresses the protection of content—the data—until now.

WikiLocks is an innovative content security platform that allows for the movement and sharing of information without altering the way you do business. WikiLocks simply applies encryption to specific portions of sensitive content within unstructured data formats such as documents, emails, text, and images. Business and individuals can now allow information owners to properly classify and protect their sensitive content to protect the business. Using a simple “Select— Protect — Distribute” philosophy, WikiLocks leverages the user’s knowledge and skills of the most common business applications to protect content such as personal identifiable information, company secrets, or client-attorney privileged information to dynamically enhance the privacy and security of your business.

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