Fast and Fun CMMC ML1 training

$120.00 / year

Manufacturers train your team with CMMC ML1 fast and fun cyber security training. $10/user/month billed annually.

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Manufacturers, like yourself, are trying to figure out how to meet the new Department of Defense CMMC compliance standards. This fast and fun CMMC ML1 training will help your team understand and get ready to implement CMMC ML1. Start NOW before it’s too late. This series of fun short videos help to show you want will be required and train your team on what exactly is demanded by CMMC ML1. Don’t wait your company’s future with the DOD depends on it. Pricing is $10/user/month billed annually.

What you get:

  1. Fast and Fun training
  2. Continuing education for your team done on a weekly basis one minute at a time
  3. Training tracking and reminders
  4. Employee training status reports
  5. No reason to take team members out for all day training on CMMC
  6. A laugh in your day


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