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Security & Monitoring

We offer 3 packages for Monitoring services.  While we recommend our Enhanced Advanced Virus Protection with Ransomware Rollback, there are cases where Basic is appropriate and Advanced is needed.  We work with you to select the best option that fits your needs.

Purchase your Monitoing package here:


Standard Virus Protection


Advanced Virus Protection with Ransomware Rollback


Virus protection with Ransomware Rollback and Risk Insights

Bitdefender AntiVirus


Ransomware Protection


Risk Insights


* On Technology Partners Recommended Product

Monitoring Keeps You Safe

Our affordable Monitoring packages gives you the ability to focus on your business and not your computers.  We monitor your system for harmful software & important updates.  We notify you of important maintenance needs as they develop.  We can even prevent Ransomware from running on your system or rollback harmful changes! Watch the video below.

Risk Insights provide an active scanning of your network environment that provides you with visibility into Financial Impact, At-Risk Data Discovery, Location of Sensitive Data, and HIPPA/PCI Compliance Scans.

Scanning Files Searching Processing Antivirus Concept
  • Keep Software and Apps Updated
  • Allows Remote Access
  • Provides an inventory of Software/Hardware
  • Antivirus/Ransomware Protection
  • Offers Web Filter wherever your employees go
  • Offers Security Scans
  • Monthly Status Reports
  • Visibility into your systems

Monitoring Can Save Your Business

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