DIR 2022-2023 State Certified Cybersecurity Training Program

NEW! No-Cost Grant for K-12 Cyber Security Training

Developed as part of the White House National Cyber Workforce and Education Summit 2022, this training aligns with NIST 800-50 and 800-16 standards.

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Training Highlights

Defend against cyber threats with this state-certified training - at NO COST through this grant program.
Protect yourself and your organization.

  • Aligns to the National Institute of Standards and Technology Framework
  • Customized for school districts and systems
  • Includes quarterly training alerts
  • Appeals to various learning styles
  • Interactive quizzes and knowledge checks
  • Up-to-the-minute activity tracking
  • Train faculty and staff to recognize and report potential security threats
  • Reduces the costs and strains on security and IT departments
Primary school cybersecurity training – help keep your students safe!
Teacher helping three high school students with cybersecurity safety instruction.

Cyber Security Awareness Training - at NO COST, thanks to grant funding.

Learn more about this education-focused security awareness and training, now available for ALL K-12 school districts and systems - at NO COST, thanks to grant funding.

Arm your faculty and staff with the latest information, tips, and guidance in order to make smarter choices when faced with cyber attacks and other cyber risks to your organization.

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NO COST Cyber Security Training Program

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