Monitoring keeps you Safe

  • Keep Software and Apps Updated
  • Allows Remote Access
  • Provides inventory of Software/Hardware
  • Offers #1 Bitdefender Anti-Virus
  • Offers Web Filter wherever your employees go
  • Offers Security Scans
  • Monthly Status Reports
  • Visibility into your systems
Our Business Monitoring packages start at $5/device/month and give you the option to have the number one bitdefender anti-virus to protect all of your computers. Learn More.
Security Scans provides an active scanning of your network environment that provides you with visibility into Financial Impact, At-Risk Data Discovery, Location of Sensitive Data, and HIPPA/PCI Compliance Scans.
Personal Montoring allows for advanced enterprise services at small business pricing. At $90/year/pc you get Monitoring, remote access, and the #1 Bitdefender anti-virus. Check it out at our store today.
  1. Business Monitoring
    Designed for offices this suite of Monitoring Services allows you to see into the internal operations of your computers. With advanced options like remote access, Web Filtering, managed anti-virus this package can help you to protect your business. With pricing starting at $5/device/month it could the best choice you make today.
  2. Personal Monitoring
    For a small office or home system at $90/pc/year you get enterprise monitoring, remote access, and the Number One Bitdefender anti-virus.
  3. Security Scan - Risk Intelligence
    Now it is possible to have a full Solar Winds Risk Intelligence continuous Security Scan of your network. This gives you the comfort of knowing - Data risk communicated as financial impact - At-risk data discovery - Deep vulnerability scanning - Risk trending reports - Discovery of inappropriate access and alerts - PCI and HIPAA compliance scans - Identifies Sensitive Data across the network

Monitoring Can Save Your Busines

Let us show you how monitoring and security scanning could save your business 
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